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 Rules & Guidelines

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Rules & Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Rules & Guidelines   Rules & Guidelines Icon_minitimeWed Nov 05, 2014 8:06 pm

This is important part of forum and i want everyone read this.
You guys have to respect rules cause i want normal community.
You guys don't have to be so serious and everything but i want to have some main rules here.

1. Don't spam (posting unnecessary posts, 1 word posts (look 1.1) etc.)
1.1 One word posts are allowed only in introductions to say welcome or something
1.2 Don't dig dead topics (more then a month) (look 1.3)
1.3 You can only bump (bring up my post) your topics that are dead.
1.4 Admins and mods are allowed to bump old topics if they are important.
1.5 No pictures for adults in posts or any other kinds of things like that.
1.6 Insulting is not allowed.
1.7 No racism.
1.8 No advertising of anything, especially another clan/academy except those of are our affiliates.
1.9 Staff must be respected.
2.0 Every user must be respected by staff.
2.1 You can't steal graphics from forum, it'll result IP ban.
2.2 No more then 2 signatures.
2.3 Signatures can't be insulting.
2.4 Keep swearing to a minimum.
2.5 Only english is allowed in chatbox.
2.6 No double accounts. (I can see IP)
2.7 Reporting fake scores in tourneys will result with disqualification and maybe warning.
2.8 Do not spam in chatbox with emoticons.
2.9 Admins and mods can't kick or ban user for no reason or only because user is talking about something that admin or mod doesn't like.
3.0 If admin or mod is doing his duty poorly, or if he/she doesn't do it at all he'll be downgraded to normal user.
3.1 Untested users who joined and didn't take test min. 2 weeks after joining will get automatically placed in ryko, but they can get free re-test


1st warning ------  nothing
2nd warning -------you'll lose all risen score
3rd warning -------you'll lose all risen score and you'll be downgraded in Ryko
4th warning--------you'll lose all risen score and you'll be downgraded in Ryko and baned for 7 days
5th warning-------you'll lose all risen score and you'll be downgraded in Ryko and baned for month
6th warning-------IP ban

Chatbox warning:

1st warning---- verbal warning
2nd warning----user will get kicked
3rd warning-----again kicked and verbal warning
4th warning----- kick again
5th warning-----ban from chatbox for 24 hous
6th warning-----ban from chatbox for week
7th warning----- ban from chatbox forever

That's it Very Happy
I know, many rules, but i don't take everything so serious ^.^
Have fun guys.
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Prince OG

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Rules & Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rules & Guidelines   Rules & Guidelines Icon_minitimeFri Nov 07, 2014 11:55 am

I agree with the rules and it is well done
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Rules & Guidelines
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