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 {seal}hades test result

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{Risen} Jaden

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{seal}hades test result Empty
PostSubject: {seal}hades test result   {seal}hades test result Icon_minitimeSun Nov 09, 2014 3:53 am

Match Results: 14/17 points
- Tester 0 vs. 2 Testee

Match Deck Construction Total: 20/30 points
- Number of Cards: 6/6 - You had 40 cards.
- Consistency: 12/14 - You had good combos going on in the deck but try and use new combos.
- Originality: 2/8 - I have seen many burning abyss decks with same cards but oasis of dragon souls is a new card in the deck which worked well.
- Side Deck: 2/2 - You had a side deck.

Match Performance Total: 32/35 points
- Rulings: 16/16 - You corrected all the mistakes i purposely did. You also knew the effects of every card in ur deck and used it to ur advantage.
- Focus: 4/4 - You were very focused.
- Use of cards: 8/10 - You used all your cards very well. Especially when you had no monsters on the field and I had JD and zenmaines on the field and you used oasis after summoning cir then used its eff to summon rubic then ss graff to summon virgil ad shuffle my JD into my deck. Then you used breakthrough skill to negate my zenmaines's eff.
- Attitude: 5/5 - You were very friendly.

Overall: 68

Rank: Jain
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{seal}hades test result
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